Commercial storefronts – What’s in store

Your storefront is like an invitation for consumers to buy whatever it is you’re in business to sell. It speaks to consumers passing by, telling them what you’re all about.

A commercial storefront is your message to the world. When people see your logo, connecting it to what they see in the front window, you’re appealing to potential customers. The pleasant, well-ordered “we mean business” image projected by your commercial storefront is often your first point of contact with the people in the street.

Eye appeal

When people pass by, their eyes are drawn to the storefronts which are well maintained, and which tell a clear brand story. You can’t mistake the message, especially with durable solutions that allow those eyes to see what’s in store.

Whether your branding is rustic chic or sleekly contemporary and whether you’re a restaurant or a retail clothing store, sightlines that work with your goods and services and clearly communicate what you offer gets the door pushed open, every time.

Imperium Glass Group knows you’re in it to win it. And your storefront is your face, smiling out at the world with the message that you’ve got what consumers need.

Durable solutions, installed with precision, serve commercial facilities like yours by providing a window to the world, while protecting your hard-won investment in entrepreneurship.

Design expertise

At Imperium, we don’t stop with product excellence and installation professionalism. To these necessary attributes we add design expertise.

Our team of inhouse designers knows what commercial storefronts need to turn the eyes of consumers towards them. From the front window to the back wall, they build your brand story, taking into account sightlines and themes, producing a vision that meets yours with knowledge and creativity.

Looking good may be only half the battle but in today’s competitive retail market, looking good is what sets you apart. Our design team knows that, so they provide first-in-class expertise that boosts your profile on the street, where it counts.

Imperium – here for you

Imperium Glass Group is the leading glass supplier for Brisbane, Gold Coast and environs. When you work with us to produce the commercial storefront that serves your brand, you’re working with a partner that delivers exemplary solutions.

At Imperium, we know commercial storefronts. More importantly, we know how to make them speak to your potential customers with elegance, eloquence and appeal that moves your goods and services.


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Loved working with this company. Everything went super smooth, from the measuring of my shower door to the installation. I’m in heaven with my new shower.

Jennifer Vasilakis

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