Frameless showerdoors

Frameless shower doors

At Imperium Glass Group, we know that a glass shower enclosure is an amenity home buyers love. But even if you’re not selling, adding frameless glass shower doors to your bathroom modernizes the space, creating the sparkling illusion of a larger bathroom.

Frameless glass shower doors show off the beauty of glass, providing a practical design element that lets your bathroom shine.

Showers matter

People want to feel nurtured as they shower. It’s a little escape many of us anticipate happily, whether in the morning before a busy day, or at day’s end, to rinse off the daily grind.

Showers are more than practical. They add value to our lives, especially when we’re showering in an enclosure that’s been carefully designed and installed by professionals. Beautiful and space-enhancing, frameless shower doors make the most of one of the most intimate spaces of the home.

Why frameless shower doors?

Frameless shower doors are surging in popularity. Why is that?

For one, this style of shower door is uniquely customizable to the area you’re installing in. Your design vision is unbound to the limitations of pre-determined sizes, so you’re free to create something singular.

Bathrooms are special places for most people. Why not make your bathroom a one-of-a-kind standout?

Quality that lasts

Because frameless shower doors need to stay in place without the support of hardware, they’re made from a heavier type of glass. And due to the same attribute, the minimal hardware employed needs to be of superior quality (brass, for example).

When you choose frameless shower doors, you’re getting quality that lasts. That may cost a little more, but your bathroom’s worth it and you’ll be enjoying your new shower doors for much longer.

Sleek. Modern. Mold-free

If you’re remodeling in the bathroom, sleek, crisp sightlines create a clean, contemporary look. Without hardware spoiling the view, frameless shower doors let the sun shine in, revealing a bathroom that’s inviting, fresh and made for the 21st Century.

But that sleekness has other advantages. Mold is opportunistic, loving all the little nooks and crannies traditional shower doors offer.

Imperium Glass Group

Frameless shower doors demand precision work. Prior to installation, careful measuring is required to ensure the integrity of the work.

And integrity is what you’ll find at Imperium. Our design team is engineered to bring your vision to life. And our technical team is engineered to install frameless shower doors which are functional, beautiful and practical.

Ready to transform your shower with frameless shower doors?

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Loved working with this company. Everything went super smooth, from the measuring of my shower door to the installation. I’m in heaven with my new shower.

Jennifer Vasilakis

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