Glass Mirrors

Glass mirrors – harnessing light, form and ambience

We use mirrors to shave, put on makeup and to check our hair and general appearance. They serve a distinctly utilitarian purpose.

But mirrors are décor superstars that reflect light, making spaces seem larger than they are. They tell stories when strategically placed, relating to the objects captured in them. They add to the ambience of any room by reflecting key forms – even a form as lyrically simple as a burning candle.

Imperium is the leading supplier of glass here in Brisbane, Gold Coast and nearby areas. We’re glass professionals who bring leading-edge design to your home, with a team of designers who see things as they really are.

Working with your vision, we create the conditions necessary to deploy mirrors in the home or office intelligently, maximizing their place in the overall design scheme and taking your interiors to another level.

Your mirror, your choice

At Imperium, we’re committed to creating the mirror you desire. We make it easy with a range of frames and mirror styles.

Frameless mirrors

A wall of glass reflecting the taste and refinement of your surroundings? A bathroom mirror that’s seamlessly utilitarian, while reflecting light and expanding the space? These possibilities are multiplied exponentially with frameless mirrors.

Choose from 4mm and 6 mm glass thickness. With polished edges, you get the sleek contemporary look you seek with this style.

Any space in your home or commercial facility is expanded and illuminated with frameless mirrors. As decorations or convenient places to check your lipstick, frameless mirrors add a touch of sophistication to any space.

Beveled mirrors

The edges of beveled mirrors are cut at an angle to lend the look of a framed mirror. Choose from an edge between 6mm and 20mm to create a classic look that’s still clean and sophisticated.

Whether your home is traditional, rustic or Mid-Century modern, there’s a space that’s crying out for the reflective power of a beveled mirror. Restaurants, bars, retail outlets and offices can all benefit from this style of mirror, beautifully achieved and fetchingly deployed.

Contact us to reflect your personal style with custom glass mirrors.

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Loved working with this company. Everything went super smooth, from the measuring of my shower door to the installation. I’m in heaven with my new shower.

Jennifer Vasilakis

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