Glass Partitions

Frameless shower doors

Modern design is leading us toward practical solutions in home and business interiors that fulfill the human love of beauty.

And glass is a huge part of it. Is there any material more transparently attractive, adding shine while meeting practical needs?

Wherever you add glass partitions, you’ll be adding the sparkle of glass, while containing noise in the space and eliminating external noise. From spa bathrooms to home offices to busy conference rooms, glass partitions are an opportunity to take a step outside the mundane.

From industrial to sleekly modern

Imperium Glass Group is dedicated to bringing out clients excellence in glass solutions. Whatever your personal style, we design to it, with our team of design professionals.

From industrial chic, with matte black hardware, to streamlined frameless solutions, your vision is in hands guided by excellence, with Imperium.

Let the sun shine in

The advantage of glass partitions for any interior space is the change they make to areas in which they’re deployed. Instead of stopping the light at a wall, it’s permitted to enter, illuminating your world with transparent, sunlit sparkle.

Flexible, diverse and beautiful, glass partitions create a fresh face for every space they’re used in. With glass partitions, design knows no bounds. Your space flows with transparent style.

Imperium’s precisely installed glass partitions let the sun shine in, opening your interior spaces, while defining them.

The daylight office

The quality of a workplace is comprised of many factors, but the amount of daylight made available to employees is an important one.

Exposure to natural light is a defining feature of a quality workplace. Mood is elevated, productivity is increased and morale, boosted.

Glass partitions create the means to flood your office with the light your employees need to thrive. Happy employees are productive employees and letting more natural light in is a sure way to make them happy.

Imperium – quality meets design

Imperium Glass Group is committed to bringing you the highest quality installations, employing premium products. But we add to the quality we bring our customers the design excellence we’re known for. Our team of designers is committed to seeking the aesthetic way forward, bringing you trained eyes to realize your vision.

Glass partitions offer so many advantages to people who desire a life flooded with light. For homes, offices, restaurants and so many other facilities, glass broadens your horizons, while meeting your demands for privacy and noise containment.

Contact us to illuminate your space with versatile glass partitions.

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Loved working with this company. Everything went super smooth, from the measuring of my shower door to the installation. I’m in heaven with my new shower.

Jennifer Vasilakis

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